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Southwest Image Gallery
most taken with the CoolPix 5000
Sponsors include the following companies and individuals:
Nikon supplied a CoolPix 5000 and WC-E68 wide angle lens with UR-E5 adapter.
Sandisk supplied a 512 meg Ultra card
Kaidan supplied panoramic heads for the three CoolPix cameras I'm taking, The CoolPix 5000, 990 and 950.
Bogen supplied their #3415 QTVR Kit panoramic head which is universal and allows both horizontal and vertical shooting. Though at 5.2 pounds, it's too heavy to hike with, especially combined with the weight of my heavier Gitzo tripod, which it would require.
PanaVue supplied stitching software.
Realviz supplied stitching software.
Robert Hitchman sent me copies of his "Photograph America Newsletter" for the locations we're planning on visiting. He is also giving me telephone support to plan the trip and make sure I visit the best locations at the best time of day for the light.
Laurent Martrès sent me his "Photographing the Southwest Volumes 1 and 2" books and accompanying CD's as a resource to find the best places and times of day to photograph. His CD's are are a great way to previsualize the sites described in the books, an essential part of quality photography.

Digital Camera Resources

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