CoolPix 5000 Firmware Update
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September 30, 2002
Version 1.7 Firmware Update for the CoolPix 5000
Download the update from this page on Nikon's web site
My favorite new feature
No more taping over the built in flash. I can now use the CoolPix 5000 with studio lights or my SB-24's bounced into umbrellas, like I've been doing with my CoolPix 990 for the past two years. But there's one minor problem. There is a pre flash when any Nikon flash is connected to the CoolPix 5000, even through the SC-17 cord. But this time it's really a pre flash and doesn't affect the image. You can easily use scotch tape and cover the contact on the flash or the SC-17 cord that causes the pre flash.

A few new features

Turns off built in flash when using external flash in a studio situation

Support For NEF

Brighter viewfinder

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