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I'm looking for artists who do shows in Pittsburgh or drive through Pittsburgh on the way to a show, and invite everyone to stop at my house to have their picture taken. A lot of the pictures in this gallery are artists who have brought their work for me to photograph.
A personal project I started in May 2009. I'm photographing everyone that comes to my house.

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I keep a book of prints by the door to show prospective new subjects exactly what I'm doing.
Click on the small images on the left side of the page to view the enlarged images. The newest images are at the top.
For the technically inclined, I started using a Nikon D700 and upgraded to a D800E in May 2012. I started using a Nikon 35mm f2.0 lens and upgraded to Zeiss lenses (35mm f2, 50mm f2 macro and 100 f2 macro) when I purchased the D800E, I use a Dynalite M500xl pack and two Dynalite 2040 heads bounced into large white umbrellas. I keep white seamless paper ready to pull down in my home studio so I can set up to shoot in under a minute if someone comes to the door.

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1970s ABA and NBA Basketball photographs
specializing in Julius Erving (Dr J) photographs

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