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An artist called and told me his digital jury images were too dark when he viewed his profile on ZAPP. He also said that the images were too dark when he looked at them on a CD I had sent him. He was afraid that they wouldn't be seen correctly in the jury room. I opened a backup file of his images and they looked perfect, but I needed to reassure him that they would look good to the jury. In thinking about how to solve the problem, it occurred to me that If I could upload a grayscale image to my web site, he would have a reference image to view and what he saw would tell me if it was his problem or mine. The grayscale image below has 17 steps from black to white. I can clearly see all 17 tones on my monitor. When I provided him with a link to this page, he only saw 10 tones with the resulting 45% of the image as black. He can now use this page as a reference for adjusting his monitor to see the brightness of his images correctly.


Hire me to Prepare your Digital Jury Images

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