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Understanding the difference in color temperature between digital projection and 35mm slide projection. This will also give you insight into why bright white areas with no detail don't project as well digitally as they used to with slides. Though this is all speculation on my part based on experience, I was able to confirm my feelings through digital projection using the same digital projector and Roku that ZAPP does.
Because of the color temperature of a 35mm slide projector bulb, white areas with no detail project with a slightly warm color cast to the juror. The juror's eye will fill in the lack of detail because of the lower overall tonal range. Additionally, most artists use Fuji Velvia film to photograph their work because of the warmer, more saturated color pallet. That additional warmth lowers the contrast in the dark to light areas even more.
Digital projection on the other hand, shows the colors more accurately with the whites being more white than with 35mm slides. That gives the juror an illusion of increased contrast, and as a result, the white areas can distract the juror causing them to waste a precious second or two to absorb their impression of the art.

Hire me to Prepare your Digital Jury Images

Digital Jury Resources


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