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  • September 15, 2014

    Web Site Marketing 101

    We all get marketing calls from time to time and I usually hang up when I get one. And if it were a robo call, I definitely would have hung up.

    I received a sales call telling me my web site could be marketed better. This time I was curious. And having more than one web site my response was to ask which of my web sites she was referring to. Artfestival.com was the response. My response was to ask if she was sure I was the right person to contact. Yes, do I have the wrong phone number? No, right number if you want to call me, but you really need to do a little more research onĀ SEO for the web site before trying to sell your services as a marketing expert. It’s not my web site. They do have my name and phone number on one page but every page on the web site says Howard Alan Events and the contact page gives the phone number for Howard Alan’s office. So, don’t you think you need to call Howard Alan? At that point I was hung up on by what I expect was an embarrassed self proclaimed marketing expert.

    © Larry Berman