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  • August 22, 2015

    The new Mary, Larry and Xena look

    The new Xena look.

    Xena with pink ears and tail

    Mary decided to add a pink streak to her hair. It wasn’t enough pink so she went back to have more pink put it. So we decided to have Xena have pink added to her ears and tail and were planning on taking a picture of Mary holding her. Trouble was that the chalk, which was sprayed with hair spray so it would last a few days, started coming off immediately every time she shook her head or rolled on the bed. She was sneezing from the chalk throughout the night. I grabbed this picture with my iphone when we got home from the groomer.

    The new Mary and Larry look

    Mary and Larry getting their hair colored

    Some pictures of Mary myself getting our hair colored. Pink for Mary and purple for me. Makes me feel 20 years younger. Women have always been doing it but I highly recommend men doing it also.

    Mary’s pink hair

    Larry’s purple hair

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