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  • January 25, 2015

    Booth Picture in the Snow

    Another winter and artists realize that they need a good booth picture. this time of year I usually get two or three booth images a day to evaluate. Last week, wood artist Brad Stevenson came to my house to have me photograph his artwork. After we finished shooting his jury images, he set his booth up in front of my house for me to photograph. We had just gotten about five inches of snow. It had finally stopped snowing about noon, around the time we were finishing photographing his artwork. I used a push broom to push the snow out of the way to give him an area to set up in.

    You can see the sequence in a series of five pictures of brad setting up his booth. The last is his booth jury image.

    setting up a booth in the snow

    setting up a booth in the snow

    setting up a booth in the snow

    booth picture in the snow before editing

    jury booth image


    © Larry Berman