Why put an "index.html" page within each folder of your web site

Two reasons, security and promotion.
This will work on LarryBerman.com as it's being hosted on a server that lets you see virtual directories. Otherwise, on a server that doesn't support virtual directories, without an "index.html" page, you get an error message saying "virtual directory denied" and loose visitors.
In my web site: http://LarryBerman.com I have multiple sections each in their own folder. For example:
But if you drop the ".htm," because of the way the server works, a directory of each folder is open for the world to see. For example:
The same would happen to my images directory where the entire folder of images would be accessible at one time.
I put an index.html page in both the color and the images directories. That way anyone trying to access them goes directly to the home page.
For example:
My web site: http://AlternatePhoto.com has a unique style of color infrared photographs I've been working on for the past two years. I have a specific body of medical images that I'm planning on marketing to the medical community to decorate offices. My medical gallery is:
I've created an "index.html" page of the medical gallery page within a folder called "medical." The resulting URL has now been shortened and can easily be typed in as: http://www.alternatephoto.com/medical/
It takes you to the same gallery page which I've copied into the medical folder and renamed to "index.html."
A Bonus Reason
If they forget the extension when typing it in, the URL will resolve to the index page within the folder, which can be anything you want it to be, like a contents page for the entire web site.

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