Image protection tip #1
Size Your Images No Larger Than 450 Pixels
450 pixels long dimension
Photograph ©Larry Berman

This image has been sized to 450 pixels long dimension and will print out approximately 6-1/4 inches in your graphics program and much smaller if printed in a browser. If a larger print is made, the image will pixelate (pixels will spread out).

We feel that it's sized sufficiently to show detail but it won't cost you a purchase.

Note the copyright in the upper left hand corner. Anyone seeing the image will know immediately how to contact the artist.

Another benefit of sizing an image to 450 pixels is that it can compress to a fast loading file size.

To compress your images so they load faster, we recommend using one of the side by side compression tools that give you a visual confirmation of how much you can compress the image before it starts to visually degrade.

Photoshop's "Save for Web" (also available in Photoshop Elements) is our tool of choice.

We recently created a web site that compares 20 different graphics programs and how well they compressed our test images to a target file size at: http://artwebworks.com/imagecompress/ and it also has a section on compressing your own images.

A real world example of reducing an image file size by 85% for a faster page load time.

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