I'm using the Sanyo SCP 4700 and Sprint's Wireless Web Connection Kit for Internet access while traveling
I purchased a new Sprint phone, the Sanyo SCP 4700 to replace my old Sanyo 3000. This is a really cool phone, less than half the size and weight of the older model. I also bought Sprint's Wireless Web Connection Kit version 2.01 so I can use the phone as a modem for my laptop while traveling. For $5 a month I have the option to connect through Sprint to get online and the minutes come off my existing Sprint plan.
Some software issues with version 2.01
There are two installations from the CD. The first is the Sprint Dialer and the second is Blue Kite which turned out to be a necessary installation to complete the connection to my Earthlink account. Initially I refused the second because I don't like installing programs arbitrarily. Unnecessary programs use system resources. It turned out that I needed it to complete the connection and it now works. I'll be able to get online anywhere there is Sprint access. But be careful because it changes your default browser's proxie server and if you're not running the software your browser can't connect to the new unless you change the setting back.
A few tips
I recommend using Earthlink as an ISP. Outside of AOL, they have the largest database of dial up numbers. I save their entire list as an html file on my computer to make it easy to look up a number while traveling. I also create a print out of the dial up numbers for every state I'm traveling through. That way I can present the list when checking into a motel to see if any are local (free) calls. I don't use Earthlink for e-mail, only as a connection to the internet. I use my own domain as my e-mail address. I recommend you get your own domain for e-mail. I serves multiple purposes. It makes you appear more professional in your correspondence with others. It allows you to change ISP's without the people you communicate with loosing track of you. It's a good start to having your own web site. If you're on AOL I strongly recommend any other internet provider. Any ISP will work through Sprint's Wireless Web because you're paying for the minutes on your plan where ever you're calling.
Putting the system to use
Driving down route 44 through Missouri I pulled over in a rest area. I took no more that 5 minutes to set my laptop up using my Sprint phone as the modem and connecting to the internet. The connection is relatively slow but certainly doable. My speed was 19,200 and it took 14 minutes to pull down 97 messages which included two attachments containing viruses. My updated Norton AntiVirus program caught them as it always does. You do have the most current virus definitions on your computer, don't you?

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