Image protection tip #2
Adding a Copyright as a Text Layer to Protect your Image
The easiest and most effective way to protect your images that doesn't cost anything.
Notice the copyright in the upper right corner.
Each graphics program handles text differently. Just look for the Text Tool on the tool bar within your program.
Note the copyright in the upper right corner
Photograph ©Larry Berman
Given that for the computer users with the skills to capture what's on their monitor, at least your name and copyright information will go along with it.
We recommend using your web site URL so you can be found in the future by someone who prints out your picture today.
Photoshop's Text Options
Photoshop 6 Text Options
In Photoshop 6 (all versions of Photoshop apply) tool bar on the left you can see the "T" highlighted when the Text tool is selected. The name of the font and size and styling appears in the respective boxes in the menu bar at the top. I've made the copyright information larger than normal for this illustration. In this version of Photoshop, you can type on the image in the exact place you want the type to appear. In prior versions, or other image editing programs, the text usually appears in an entry box which only appears on the image upon saving.
The copyright symbol can be added to the text in two ways. Either using the Windows Character Map (under Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools in Windows 2000) or by using the keyboard shortcut of ALT+0169 on the numeric keypad. Hold down the ALT and type the four number designation of the copyright symbol and release the ALT. On the MAC it's OPTION+G.

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