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My wife's uncle is a priest in the Pittsburgh area. They just finished building a new church and we were asked to photograph the dedication mass. I built a temporary web site with about 50 of the best photos. I also scanned the program cover to create a graphic for the home page (top) and a page banner. The graphics on in the web site don't have the black border that I've added here for this example. Scroll down for the instructions.

home page graphic

page banner


Scanned the program cover (at 300 ppi) and opened in Photoshop.
Selected the words and brought them closer to the picture of the church for a web image that wouldn't require scrolling.
Cropped tight for a good looking home page image.
Resized for the web. 72 pixels per inch at the desired long pixel dimensions.
Selected the red letters with the Magic Wand tool. Holding down the Shift while I clicked within each letter allowed me to select them all together.
Copy the selected letters
Create a New Layer
Paste (CTRL+V) the selected letters into the new layer.
Double click on the new layer to bring up the Layer Style Box
Add a Drop Shadow Style and Bevel and Emboss Style
By clicking on the specific Styles, you can change the properties of the Drop Shadow and Embossed Bevel to suit your taste
Make sure to take notes on your style settings so you can duplicate the results
Save for Web under the File menu as a Jpeg because of the photograph of the church in the center of the graphic.
I could have also sliced the graphic and saved the individual letter slices as a GIF and the photograph as a Jpeg

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