Where's the reset button?

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How many time has this frustrated you? You're on the phone trying to explain how to do something on the computer and the person you're trying to help can't quite get the mouse to lock onto what they want to interface with. Or every time they double click on an icon to start a program, the icon slides across the desktop and disappears into a folder because they move the mouse when they double click. Or the Windows task bar moves from the bottom of the screen to the side or top of the screen. How come Windows doesn't provide a way to restore the desktop?
 Or the best one, which just happened today, was trying to explain to my 85 year old father how to lock the mailbox column against the left side of the screen so the messages don't open underneath it in Eudora. Come on Eudora programmers, give us a single button workspace reset, or an option to save the workspace. This isn't rocket science, or is it? Well, maybe these things frustrate me more than they do you and that's why I do beta testing for a few different graphics programs.
Apple isn't immune to having a stupid interface either. I recently purchased a 20 inch iMac which came with a single button Apple mouse. After five minutes trying to use it, I threw the Apple mouse away and connected my Windows mouse. Most of the MAC programs I've looked at, and all the MAC browsers, support the same right click options and scroll bar that Windows supports. If I spend $1,800 on a MAC, I expect it to come with a functional mouse that's intuitive to use. I pity those MAC people who don't use a two button mouse with scrolling. They must have lots of free time on their hands because the Windows mouse is a lot faster and more intuitive to use.

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