Off Camera Flash for No More Red Eye

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I've moved this family gallery from my personal web site to demonstrate the capabilities of the CoolPix 990 with off camera flash. Every picture was taken with:
CoolPix 990
Xtend-a-View LCD magnified viewfinder
RX Flash Bracket
SB-24 Flash
The AS-E900 can be substituted for the AS-10/SC-18
Lumiquest Pocket Bouncer

Picture and description of my off camera flash set up

How I determine my exposure and settings
I set the CoolPix 990 on Manual (MRec) with the internal flash disabled and the external flash enabled. I set the SB-24 on manual and use incremental power settings (1:1, 1:2, 1:4,:1:8, 1:16) for the flash output, using the LCD viewfinder to see if the exposure looks correct. I usually can get the correct exposure by the second test shot. The camera is set for the amount of ambient (background) light I want to affect the scene.

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