The Berman Graphics Best of PMA 2005
From concept to fulfillment. Photographing the interior of PMA from approximately 25 feet up using an
elevated aerial photo system from Elevated Photos LTD and a Nikon D70 with 10.5mm full frame fisheye
and 12-24mm Nikon zoom. We controlled the camera settings on a laptop using an extra long USB cable
and Nikon Capture 4.2 software.
Positioning of the camera was through the integrated remote control that's part of the Elevated Photos system.
As a finishing touch, Noritsu printed 12x30 inch prints on their 3200 series digital printer for us to give
to all the manufacturers who participated. The actual image size was closer to 12x22 and we added black
borders in Photoshop so the images wouldn't be cropped when printed.

Aerial view of Nikon's booth at PMA 2005
Nikon D70 with 12-24mm Nikon zoom set at 12mm
Camera positioning from ElevatedPhotos.com

Elevating the Nikon D70

Aerial view of the center isle at PMA 2005
Nikon D70 with 10.5mm fisheye
Camera positioning from ElevatedPhotos.com

Aerial view of the center isle at PMA 2005
Nikon D70 with 10.5mm fisheye
Camera positioning from ElevatedPhotos.com

Mike Rubin showing Chris how to operate the D70 remotely through Nikon Capture 4.2 on a laptop. Kate Tilley and Simon Bourne (right) from Elevated Photos LTD.

Mike Rubin speaking about Nikon Capture 4.2 at the Nikon booth
The perfect tripod for a pocket camera
Velbon Ultra Maxi SF with the Casio EX-Z55 digital cameraProfessional photographers know that you can't take sharp photos without supporting the camera. On top of that, the design of these small pocket cameras is such that you have to hold the camera at arms length to compose the image on the LCD screen. I've always been a big fan of the Velbon tripods for their combination of small size, light weight and sturdiness for use with the CoolPix cameras. At PMA 2005 I came across the perfect tripod to compliment Casio Z55 that I've been carrying. It's the Velbon Ultra Maxi SF which folds to under 12 inches. Actually about 10 inches if you unscrew the ball head. It fits easily in the small Domke shoulder bag I carry. Smaller but just as sturdy as the Velbon 343E Maxi I wrote about a few years ago, the Ultra Maxi SF opens fully to four feet. High enough for using the Casio to get sharp photos. It even has the new leg extensions that easily and quickly open fully by unscrewing the ends of the bottom leg extensions. The legs also spread so that the camera can be mounted inches up from the floor. Highly recommended. Like carrying a pocket camera, I'll also be carrying a tripod everywhere I go.

Shutterbug Crew on Sunday morning at the pre show meeting

George Schaub and Chuck Delaney

Peter iNova, Mike Rubin and Larry Berman

Harald Johnson and Henry Wilhelm

Harald Johnson, Chris Maher and Henry Wilhelm

The Flag in the lobby of the convention center
made a good backdrop for this portrait of Chris Maher
taken with my Casio Z55 using fill flash.

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