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When ZAPP was first being tested at Ann Arbor in 2004, I was discussing digital jurying with a few artists. I predicted that there would be a shift in the artists that were accepted into the shows because I felt that by the shows changing to digital applications, there would be a change in the pool of artists that would be applying.
There has always been a certain amount of randomness in the jury system for art show acceptance. Why have some artists been able to get into the better shows and some don't, thought they also have high quality work?
Now along comes the change to digital image submissions and online applications and that randomness factor changes. Once they get their images uploaded, the actual application process has made it so easy to apply that some artists are tempted to add an extra show to their shopping cart, just to see if they can get accepted, with little thought on actually doing the show. These questions were recently posted on some of the art show forums:
"I will be heading to La Quinta for the show. This is my 1st year at this. How is the show? How are the promoters? Any insight would be great."
"Just want to know if there are any opinions out there about the Columbus Arts Festival. I applied on a whim through the Zapplication process and was accepted. I am in Houston, and that would be a long drive. I certainly would appreciate some comments."
I wonder why those questions weren't asked before applying. It's an example of how the change to a digital application process has opened the door for a new body of artists to apply.
For the cost of a jury fee
For the cost of a jury fee, anyone can test their images against the best exhibiting artists in the business without having any intention of actually doing the show.
Not all bad
Now on the other hand, for years the artists have been noticing that the average art show exhibitor has been getting older. Changing to digital jury and image technology has brought younger artists into shows.

Hire me to Prepare your Digital Jury Images

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