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Lately, I've been contacted by a number of artists for whom the digital jury system hasn't been working. They may have been consistently getting into shows when submitting slides, but have not done well submitting digital images of their work. A number of these artists have asked me to evaluate their ZAPP images.
I have no problem evaluating images for artists, given that they understand the limitations of my skills, experience and knowledge. And don't hold me responsible for getting accepted into any art shows.
I will not critique the actual art work or give my opinion on it. I don't feel comfortable being put in the situation of being a juror. I will make suggestions on how to improve the photography of the work so as to show it off more accurately to the jurors.
I'll view the images in a calibrated system to see the color accurately and then test project them using the same equipment as ZAPP uses.
I will critique the images from a digital perspective and point out ways that they can be improved in image editing programs like Photoshop to more accurately represent the art work.
Besides the quality of individual images, I can also make suggestions about the presentation and relationship between images. I've made that a major part of my seminars over the past year.
Contact me in advance, either by e-mail or telephone 412-767-8644. Then send me one picture per e-mail. Make sure to include your phone number in the first message so I can contact you to discuss the images. I will not respond with evaluations by e-mail because they need to be discussed verbally. All I ask in return is a small donation to my web site.

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