Digital Jury Services for Artists and Art Shows
Image preparation to meet jury requirements
24 hour turnaround time (depending on my show schedule)
Set up your ZAPP profile and upload the images
Consulting for Art Shows and Artists
Slide Scanning for Digital Jury - Testimonials
testimonials from a few of over 400 artists for whom Larry has scanned slides for digital jurying
List of Shows and Deadlines using Digital Jurying
Image Requirements for Shows Using Their Own Systems
ACC welcome page
How to Prepare Images for the Zapp Digital Jury System
Different image requirements for the Smithsonian Craft Show
Seminars to help artists get ready to jury digitally
The Pros and Cons of Doing Your Own Digital Image Editing
Digital Jury Image FAQ
Frequently asked questions about images for digital jurying
Questions e-mailed to me or posted to the ZAPP forum

Adding Prices to Committed ZAPP Images

Art Shows interested in asking for digital images
Digital Jury Image Recommendations
for art shows not necessarily going with and existing jury system
Two Reviews of the Fort Worth Digital Jury - Dec 17-18, 2004
by Sara Corkery
by Clark Crenshaw
The Digital eJury System
Understanding the Smithsonian Craft Show Digital Jury System
The randomness in the jury system is changing
How going to digital jurying has opened the doors for new and different artists to apply.
Evaluating your ZAPP Images
Including viewing them in a calibrated system to see the color accurately and then test projecting them using the same equipment as ZAPP uses
How to use your new digital camera
Setting the camera to take high quality digital jury images
How to open your digital images and not ruin them

How to Create a Stronger Digital Jury Presentation
a new section of tips and examples from my digital jury seminars
all images used with permission

Color differences between digital and 35mm slide projection
Why the difference in color temperature can lead to an increase in contrast in projected jury images and why images lacking detail in the highlights do not make good jury images
Two Dimensional Artists
How horizontal, vertical and square images relate - example #1
How horizontal, vertical and square images relate - example #2
Using the Shadow Highlight filter in Photoshop to bring out detail
Bringing out brush strokes in dark paintings
Separating dark areas of the work from a dark background
Taking the color cast out
Etchings, Pencil Drawings and Black and White Photographs

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Slide scanning for ZAPP and other digital jury systems

Jury Slide Photography

1970s ABA and NBA Basketball photographs
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