I purchased a set of Pocket Wizard Plus II Transceivers to sync external flashes and to also use as a wireless cable release for my Nikon D200 and D3. A cable release is mandatory because a lot of what I shoot requires using an angle arm to point the camera straight down and touching the camera causes it to bounce.
During a shoot, I ran into a problem where the light output wasn't enough from one flash bounced into a high ceiling. Investigating alternative lighting setups, I came across a dual flash bracket called the Brewer Bracket made by Todd Brewer. The Brewer Bracket is a perfect mate for the Bogen Swivel Umbrella Adapter that I've been using for years. I then spoke to Gary at Paramount Cords and had him make me a dual flash Y cable to set off two SB-800 flashes from one Pocket Wizard. Besides a one stop increase in light when using two flashes (at maximum power on manual), by setting both flashes at half the required power, recycle time is cut in half from what it would be when using only one flash.
I had originally been using Nikon's wireless CLS system to control multiple flashes through the D200. But there were times I found the flash connection unreliable.
I put together a small, easy to carry, off camera flash kit using a small 25 inch Bogen tripod carrying case, part # AW3279. Everything but the flashes and Pocket Wizards fits. I also carry a Bogen Justin Spring Clamp with extra SB-800 and Pocket Wizard to mount a flash in an out of the way position.
Wireless Dual Flash from one Pocket Wizard
pocket wizards for wireless off camera flash pocket wizards for wireless off camera flash

Wireless off camera dual flashes bounced into an umbrella

pocket wizards for wireless off camera flash
Detail picture of dual flash setup - components are identified below
Depending on the size of the umbrella, it can either go through the hole in the Brewer Bracket or the hole in the Bogen Swivel Umbrella Adapter.

easy to transport off camera flash kit

A - Nikon SB-800 flash.(2) B - dual flash Brewer Bracket. C - Bogen Shoe (2) has 1/4x20 thread goes through the holes in the Brewer Bracket to mount the flashes, part # 2932. D - Bogen Swivel Umbrella Adapter, part # 2905. E - Paramount Cords custom Y connector, Pocket Wizard to dual PC connector. F - Pocket Wizard (2). G - Bogen Justin Spring Clamp with Flash Shoe, part # 175F. H - Bogen 8 foot light stand, part # 3360. I - Bogen adjustable pole for back light stand used as a light stand extension (21 - 33 inches) part # 3368, also requires part # 3101 adapter to connect the extension to light stand. J - 32 inch white umbrella.

custom y connecting cable from Paramount Cords
Detail photograph of the Paramount Cords custom Y cord

bracket and adapters wrapped in a Domke Wrap
so as not to damage the umbrella or light stand
when stored in the Bogen tripod case (below)

Bogen small tripod carrying case
makes it easy to carry the lighting kit

Wireless Cable Release using Pocket Wizards

pocket wizards for wireless cable release
Pocket Wizard used as a wireless cable release

Requires a proprietary Nikon connecting cable similar to Pocket Wizard part # 804513 which retails for $139 at B&H

pocket wizards for wireless cable release
The Pocket Wizard connects to the Nikons in the 10 pin socket
(under the D200 name)

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