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Shooting RAW with the Casio EX-Z55
Please contact me if you've been able to do this successfully

Update 6 June 2006 - here's a link to a Casio RAW workflow

I recently purchased the Casio EX-Z55 as a small carry everywhere camera and to show my portfolio on it's overly large LCD screen. While at PMA 2005 in Orlando, I was discussing the camera with the Casio people, they informed me that there had been a thread on the DPReview Casio forum that the camera had the ability to shoot RAW files. After a little investigating, I discovered that it is capable of capturing RAW through settings on a hidden menu. I was able to capture a few RAW files but can't find a RAW converter that is able to convert the images.

Hidden Menu 2

Casio EX-Z55 overly large LCD is perfect for slide shows

The Hidden Menus
The button sequence for accessing the hidden menu is as follows:
Turn the power off. Press and hold "MENU" and "Up" while turning on the camera. Then in rapid sequence press the Down>Down>DISP>MENU. That shows the hidden menu. Scroll down to Image Flag and press SET. Then use the Right to turn Bayer Mode On. Then back out of the menu. At this point, until you turn the camera off, it will capture a RAW file and JPEG for each picture taken. One caveat. I've read that you can mess up your camera if you play with the other hidden menu settings

Download a Casio Z55 RAW file to experiment with
the zip file also contains the corresponding JPEG

Please let me know if you can open the Z55 RAW properly
and which RAW converter you've used

Hidden Menu One

Hidden Menu Two
Image Flag is the option where RAW is located

Hidden Menu 3
allows you to activate the RAW capture by turning Bayer on

This is the JPEG captured simultaneously with the RAW file

This is what I get when trying to open the RAW file in Photoshop

This is what I get when trying to open the RAW file in Irfanview

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