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WC-E68 Wide Angle Lens and accessories

WC-E68 shown with included front and rear cap

Optional is the necessary UR-E7 adapter if you intend to use it on the CoolPix 990 or 995. Not necessary but useful is the LC-ER1 rear lens cap so the adapter can be left on the lens all the time.
Notice the bulbous front element which means no filter threads and the oversize rear lens cap (compared to the smaller LC-ER1) which means that the rear element is larger also.

Nikon's UR-E7 is needed to use the WC-E68 on the CoolPix 990 or 995. Also useful if you want to use 46mm filters on the 28mm threaded front of the CoolPix 950/990/995.

WC-E68 Wide Angle Lens on the CoolPix 990

An initial comparison between the two Nikon Wide Angle Lenses for the CoolPix - the new WC-E68 and the WC-E63
These thumbnails are linked to the full size images

No additional lens




For this initial comparison I set up my tripod mounted CoolPix 990 (with Xtend-a-View viewfinder) and switched back and forth between the new WC-E68 which is considered a 19mm lens (on the new CoolPix 5000) and the WC-E63 which is considered a 24mm lens for the CoolPix 990/995. My first reaction was that the WC-E68 would be a great new wider lens to purchase but I was surprised that the WC-E63 turned out to be the noticeably wider lens. I immediately realized that the WC-E68 needs to be on a camera with a 28mm lens to reach the view of a 19mm lens. One additional point. I saw no difference in the angle of view on the LCD when I tried the internal Wide Angle setting.
I fully expect this to be an excellent addition to the 28mm lens on the CoolPix 5000. I'll be posting some pictures when I have a camera to test it on. Meanwhile, it's not a recommended purchase if you already own the WC-E63, or don't plan on purchasing the CoolPix 5000.
I have a sample picture from the CoolPix 5000 at full wide 28mm in my CoolPix 5000 Gallery. It's a horizontal line of lights from the front of Harrah's Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas during Comdex.

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