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Using a Flash on a Bracket with the CoolPix 5000
Also works with the CoolPix 5700 if you move the screw over to a different hole in the camera plate (you might need to enlarge the hole because it's designed for the Stroboframe quick release plate)
Not useable with the swivel body CoolPix as it hits the vertical bar (next to the CoolPix 5000 in the below picture) when mounting.
Read about using the CoolPix 5000 with off camera flash
Read about using the CoolPix 5000 with it's built in flash

Stroboframe Camera Flip Flash Bracket

Modified SC-17 foot to eliminate pre-flash

Stroboframe Camera Flip Bracket on the left. On the right is the SC-17 foot covered with scotch tape to prevent the dreaded pre-flash when using a Nikon SB flash either in the hot shoe or connected to the SC-17 cord.

The Stroboframe manufacturers catalog # 310900
There is also an SC-17 anti-twist plate catalog # 300-C17 which I haven't used yet
Nikon updated the firmware for the CoolPix 5000 which enables you to actually use flash off camera on a bracket when shooting events and family functions. Previously, Previously I used my CoolPix 990 with the now discontinued RX bracket and have been searching for something to use with my new CoolPix 5000. This Stroboframe bracket impressed me enough to order it for myself.
It's been reported that the there is a little difficulty screwing the camera onto the Stroboframe bracket but I was able to eliminate any problem by adding a quick release tripod plate to the bracket with a matching quick release plate on the CoolPix 5000.
Quick release plates for the CoolPix 5000

Quick release plates for the CoolPix 990 and 995
Other flash bracket options for the CoolPix cameras
I'll be adding pictures here when I get a chance to shoot some holiday family functions
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