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Raynox Fisheye for the CoolPix 5700
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A great super wide alternative for the CoolPix 5700 which has a limited selection of available accessory lenses due to it's unique internal lens design. Lately we've been shooting more and more with the swivel body CoolPix and the FC-E8 fisheye lens set at full frame. Now the CoolPix 5700 user's have the same options in a 180 degree full frame fisheye. As you can see in the example photos below, if the composition fits, the lens can be a great creative tool.
Required adapter
Raynox sent us two adapters with the lens. Both are specified as being for the CoolPix 5700. A shorter one for wide angle lenses and a longer one for telephotos. The wide angle adapter vignettes less (obviously) than the longer telephoto adapter. It's listed on the
Raynox web site. The style number is RT5253NW. It also requires a 52mm to 62mm step up ring because the lens has a rear 62mm thread.

Download a full size original camera Jpeg

Raynox Fisheye (above 24 oz) is close in size and heavier in weight to the Nikon 28mm WC-E80 (below 17.6 oz). Both require a tripod for support.
In the two comparison pictures below, the Raynox lens can produce a very useable image compared to the Nikon lens, especially considering that it's the only game in town for a wider view. If you scroll down further, there are four more sample pictures taken with the Raynox lens.
Example photographs (below) taken with the Raynox full frame fisheye and the Nikon CoolPix 5700. If the subject matter suits the lens, it can be a very creative tool. Be careful of three things. At full wide zoom, the corners vignette slightly. If you attempt to zoom past mid range, the internal lens will hit the rear element of the Raynox lens and cause the camera to give you an error message which is cured by turning it off and on again. There is slight softening at the extreme sides of the images which is common with a full frame fisheye. Plan your compositions accordingly.

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