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Nikon CoolPix 8400 converted to infrared by LifePixel

When I made the decision to have my CoolPix 8400 converted, I picked up three additional CoolPix 8400's. I'm currently having a second camera converted to full spectrum, which will require the use of filters for either infrared or to shoot normal color. One camera will continue to be my everyday camera and the fourth will be a backup.
I had a Nikon CoolPix 8400 converted by LifePixel for shooting infrared. With all the advances in digital camera technology, I still consider the CoolPix 8400 as close to what I consider the perfect digital camera to be. I started a new gallery of CoolPix 8400 infrared images.
Recently there has been more mainstream use of infrared images from converted cameras. The May/June issue of American Photo Magazine ran a picture of Arlington Cemetery that Bruce Dale took and the August issue of Popular Photography Magazine ran a series of baseball stadium infrared pictures by Peter Lockley using a camera that LifePixel converted.

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