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Flip Album Professional 5
Easily create a self starting photo album on CD
or a slide show on your computer
A commonly asked question for digital camera users is how to create a slide show that runs automatically on CD. A great way to create a family scrapbook to distribute to your friends and relatives.
Of the three versions of Flip Album, I recommend either the suite or the professional version. They both can create autorun CD's but the difference is that the professional version, which I've been experimenting with, is licensed to be used for professional presentations or to create CD albums to sell.
I pointed the program to a test folder of 75 Jpeg images. The album was created in seconds, and used the name of the folder as the book name in fancy letters. The album starts off with a page of thumbnails, each links to the respective large images. Next comes the contents page (like a book) with the file names of each picture linked to a page with the enlarged image. The files extensions aren't visible so they appear as actual names. Each image can be annotated with text or music. Just clicking on a page turns to the next or previous page or a control box can be used to move from page to page. There is also a page turning control (under tools) that enables you to move through the book easily. Finally at the end of the book is the index page. Like the contents, each page is listed alphabetically as a link. You can also embed a web site link which shows when the cover of the book is visible. Every time I've played with the program, I've found more interesting features, so I suggest familiarizing yourself with it by reading the manual.
It's an extremely easy and satisfying way to show off your images.

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