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Mary and Larry Berman at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
The perfect balance between the sun light background and fill flash from my tripod mounted CoolPix 5000.
Our last day at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas after PMA ended. My wife wanted a few memorable photos of us taken inside and outside of the hotel before we were to leave for the airport. I used the Velbon 343E Maxi which easily fit in my carry on suitcase.
How this fill flash picture was taken - the same technique can be used with any digital camera that allows changes in exposure settings.
I took a test frame with the camera set for Programmed Exposure Mode of the sun light area with the Chinese artifacts.
Making note of the shutter speed and f-stop, I changed the exposure mode to Manual and dialed in the exact same settings.
I set the internal flash to always on (lightning bolt showing) for forced fill flash.
I then posed my wife in front of the railing took a series of test photos to match the f-stop with the flash output.
Using the new f-stop that gave me perfect exposure with the flash, I adjusted the shutter speed so that the combination matched the original combination taken on Program Exposure Mode.
The LCD was turned to face us and the picture was taken using the self timer on the camera. With this method, immediate exposure verification was possible.
Mary and Larry Berman at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
No fill flash was necessary. But my Velbon 343E Maxi was, to take this photograph using Programmed Exposure Mode and the self timer.

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