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Tripods and camera bags are personal decisions. In both cases with enough research, whatever you decide on can be used for years. I use Gitzo tripods and Domke camera bags. I'm still using the first Gitzo I purchased over 30 years ago. I also use the carbon fiber Mountaineer that cost over $700 four years ago. It's light as a feather and as perfect for a camera like the CoolPix as it is with my Nikons when traveling. I use Arca Swiss style quick release ball heads on all my tripods and have custom plates on all my cameras and long lenses. Especially useful are the camera plates manufactured by Kirk Photo for the CoolPix 990 and 995.
Recommended Tripods

CoolPix 990 on the Bogen 3405B Tripod

Quick Release Plate from the Bogen 3405B Tripod
The CoolPix 990, left, is shown on the Bogen 3405B tripod with Quick Release Plate, shown above.

Small cameras work well with light tripods. Lately, we've been using two that work great with the CoolPix. The Gitzo Carbon Fiber Mountaineer is wonderfully light and stable, but costs as much as the camera. The Bogen 3405B, which retails for about 10% the price of the Gitzo, includes a three way pan head and quick release plate, and is an excellent buy for the money. Whatever your choice of tripods, using one will increase the sharpness of your pictures. A new addition to our tripod recommendations is the Velbon Maxi 343E and we've devoted a full page to it.
Camera Bags
Camera bags, like tripods, are a personal decision. Most of the time we find ourselves using the Tamrac 5694 Bag, which can hold a bunch of small accessories in the front compartment. It can also be worn on your belt or with a shoulder strap. Want to take along one accessory lens or the Xtend-a-View viewfinder? Try the Tamrac 5696. It's a bit larger in the main compartment and has two additional pockets in the flap. The next step up is the Tamrac 5698. It sports several zipper pockets to help organize your stuff, and has internal dividers to keep your equipment safe.

Domke Pouch

Tamrac 5694

Tamrac 5696
We've always liked the Domke camera bags. Their belt pouch is good for those times when you just want to carry the camera, with nothing else. When you want to go fully equipped, with a flash unit, flash bracket, viewfinder, tabletop tripod, and maybe an accessory lens or two, you need a full size camera bag. Try the Domke F-3X Super Compact. The two side pockets make it easy to fit everything you will need.

Domke F-3X Super Compact

Tamrac 5698

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