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Storing Images while Traveling

The Digital Wallet

The Image Bank

Don't want to carry your laptop when traveling with your CoolPix? The Digital Wallet from Minds@Work is a great storage solution for extended trips. It's a battery operated, six-gigabyte hard drive that can upload the contents of your CompactFlash card while away from your computer. It shows up as another drive when connected to your computer, which makes for an easy transfer for images or any other type of data. A newer product we've just written about is called the Image Bank from Sima*. It has similar features to the Digital Wallet but is less expensive. Also check out our page on the Digital Album.

FotoShow from Iomega

The Digital Album

Now, a 250MB zip disk may not sound like a lot of storage compared to the other devices that we have discussed here (especially in the 100MB size, which it works with also), but zip disks are inexpensive and readily available, giving it a virtually unlimited capacity. And the cost of the media is less than five cents per megabyte. With a street price of around $250, this unit from Iomega offers some interesting options.

* Cardmedia is selling the Image Bank in Europe and the UK
To purchase the Image Bank in Europe
To purchase the Image Bank in the UK

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