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Flash Bracket for off-camera flash

Versatec Flash Bracket
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Pictures Of My Off Camera Flash Set Up

The CoolPix cameras are famous for red-eye because the flash is so close to the lens. We recently purchased the RX Flash Bracket (formally the Versatec flash bracket) designed by RX Camera Accessories (currently out of business), so we could use our Nikon SB24 flash units. In addition to the bracket you will need either Nikon's AS-E900 flash shoe (hard to find, but available as part of their own flash bracket) or Nikon's AS10 shoe with a SC-18 or SC-19 cable to connect the flash to the camera. The RX Flash Bracket clamps to the camera body and rotates independently of the flash so verticals can be taken easily. If you use non-Nikon flash units with your CoolPix we recommend the Safe-Sync adapter from Wein, which lowers the trigger voltage to a level that won’t fry the internal circuitry.

Wein Safe Sync

The new Wein Safe Sync now has a hot shoe - part # HSHS


Wein Safe Sync

Click to enlarge this example of a picture taken with off-camera flash
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View an enlarged (800 pixels) portion of this picture taken with the lighting setup shown above. Notice that there is NO RED-EYE. The only modification has been cropping.

Lumiquest Light Modifier

You can greatly improve the quality of the light from your flash with diffusers like the ones from Lumiquest. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and help reduce the harshness of a camera flash unit. We like to use either the Pocket Bouncer or the 80/20 when able to bounce the flash off a white ceiling.

Micro Apollo Light Modifier

Another on camera light modifier is this softbox (#2200) from the Westcott Co. It is a real 5"x7˝" softbox and the black sides are silver on the inside to direct all the light forward. It folds flat (under ˝") to fit in camera bags.

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