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I'm constantly receiving e-mail asking about lenses other than the one's listed here. Sorry, but I haven't had time to review any others. These are the ones I received for review when the magazine article was being prepared.
Shooting with an Optional Telephoto Lens

Normal Lens - Click to Enlarge
Telephoto setting of built in lens

Tiffen 2X - Click to Enlarge
Tiffen 2X

Nikon TC-E3ED 3X - Click to Enlarge
Nikon TC-E3ED

5X EaglaEye - Click to Enlarge
EagleEye 5X

Click on a picture to enlarge in a new window
Download the original jpegs to compare yourself

I compared three accessory lenses. Left to right, longest setting with the built in lens, 2X lens from Tiffen, TC-E3ED 3X lens from Nikon (72mm filters) which sells for $249, and 5X EagleEye Zoom (37mm filters) which sells for $240. The built in zoom range of the CoolPix, at 3:1, is not very long. Accessory telephoto lenses can greatly increase your range. The Nikon was the heaviest, at 9.7oz, and sports a large, 72mm (filter size) front element. It increases the CoolPix's telephoto to the equivalent of a 345mm lens on a 35mms camera. The EagleEye, which has an optional tripod bracket, extended the range even more, to the equivalent of a 575mm lens. Each lens was sharp and had decent contrast.  Both the EagleEye and Tiffen lenses come in 37mm size and require a 28mm adapter to fit the CoolPix.
Shooting with an Optional Wide Angle lens

Normal Lens - Click to Enlarge
Widest setting of the 
built in lens

WC-E24 - Click to Enlarge

WC-E63 - Click to Enlarge

Click on a picture to enlarge in a new window
Download the original jpegs to compare yourself

Nikon has two wide-angle lenses available for the CoolPix cameras. The WC-E24 is small and light but has more barrel distortion (notice the curvature in the light pole on the left side of the picture) than the newer WC-E63, which contains ED glass, but is larger and heavier and takes 72mm filters. 

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