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In looking through my accessory cabinet, I came across a large number of filters and adapters in all the standard Nikon sizes. I even have a collection of 46mm filters from when I owned a Leica. Those will fit on Nikon's UR-E5 without additional adapters.
CoolPix 5000 Filter Options
CoolPix 5000 with UR-E5 Step Down Ring Adapter and step up adapters in all the Nikon standard sizes
The area where the lens comes out from the body is threaded for Nikon's proprietary accessories. There is a lens hood (HN-E5000), Step Down Ring Adapter (UR-E6) which allows you to use the accessory lenses from the CoolPix 990/995, and the Step Down Ring Adapter (UR-E5) which adapts the CoolPix 5000 to 46mm filter threads. The UR-E5 is also needed for the new 19mm (equivalent) WC-E68 wide angle lens.
CoolPix 5000 with 52mm polarizer
CoolPix 5000 shown with a 52mm polarizing filter through the use of the UR-E5 and 46mm to 52mm adapter. Behind the filter you can see the lens which zooms within the adapter.
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