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Accessories vs. Necessities
What do you really need for your new digital camera

Accessories aren't accessories if they enable you to take better pictures. There are a few things that are necessary and should be considered built into the cost budget for your new camera. A tripod should be on top of the list. It will slow you down and force you to think about what the camera is doing thus allowing you to take better pictures. The Xtend-a-View LCD viewfinder always accompanies my camera when it leaves the case. I use it for every picture and it serves multiple purposes. It blocks the LCD from extraneous light outdoors. It lets you rest the camera against your eye when composing and shooting a picture so that the camera will balance more like a SLR. It has a built in 2x magnifier that helps in composing your image. A card reader so you don't have to connect your camera to the computer is also up there on my list. You can't imagine how many people post to the forums about transferring their images. Some spend days working at it trying to get their computer to recognize the camera, when a $30 card reader can solve their problem within minutes. Additionally, if your camera's batteries run down during transfer, you stand a chance of loosing your images. Extra batteries, memory and a case to hold them complete the basic necessity kit.

One of the inherent problems that prosumer digital cameras have is that people hold them away from their face to see the image on the LCD when taking the picture. This poor design is industry wide. Your hands cannot hold the camera steady without help. The camera should be rested against your face or preferably, on a tripod. Thatís why I always recommend the Xtend-a-View LCD viewfinder and a tripod.

Accessories could be cool things like fisheye or wide-angle lens or telescope adapters. But they're not necessary to take great pictures. They are for creating different pictures. But donít forget to concentrate on the essentials of good photography.

Digital Camera Resources

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