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  • February 7, 2014

    Setting up a Booth in Snow 2014


    Jury deadlines are coming up and for most art shows, artists need to submit a picture of their booth or display to apply. Last year I wrote about how artists set up their booth at my house in January for me to photograph. Jump ahead a year and local painterĀ Linda Barnicott set up her booth in early February for me to photograph so she could submit an application.

    Linda Barnicott's booth picture for show applications
    1 - setting up the canopy in the snow

    2 - setting up the canopy in the snow

    3 - setting up the canopy in the snow

    Linda Barnicott, local Pittsburgh painter, with help from her husband Tom, setting up her booth for me to photograph.

    Linda Barnicott, Pittsburgh artist with an original painting

    A picture of Linda I took for my visitor’s gallery.

    © Larry Berman