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  • March 4, 2013

    Last Minute Larry

    A humorous name, maybe. But as even slightly passive aggressive artists know, someone needs to be there at the last minute to put it all together. I’ve worked with thousands of artists getting their images ready for jurying and then uploading them to both application systems and no artist has ever missed a deadline.

    applications close at midnight

    There must have been a lot of shows closing march 1st because in the 48 hours prior to the deadline, I received images from ten artists to prepare for applications. I received three sets after 8:00pm on the 1st, less than four hours before the deadline. Well I do advertise that artists can contact me at the last minute, hence the name “last minute Larry”.

    The fastest way to get started is to call me (412-401-8100) and either e-mail me the images or use my upload form. Images usually look better if I start with unedited originals taken at the full size the camera is capable of. Once edited, they should be reduced for jurying, not enlarged.

    © Larry Berman