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  • October 13, 2013

    Larry Berman Award

    And I though they were getting tired of me being constantly on them about the image formatting to make sure the system was fair for all artists in how their images were presented to jurors. I’ve always made it my policy to make sure no artist got left behind when they moved to online applications and digital images being used for jurying, sometimes doing the work for free for those artists who couldn’t afford to have their artwork photographed or images prepared properly.

    award from ZAPPlication

    The award was given to me at the opening reception of the ZAPP conference in Louisville. It took me by surprise and for the first time in as long as I can remember, I was speechless. In hindsight, if I were standing there again, I would say that when ZAPP started nine years ago I was twenty years younger.

    Larry Berman receiving the award from Anthony Radich, director of Westaf

    I want to thank Judy Kean for taking the picture of me receiving the award. I’m glad it was taken from an angle were you can’t see the bluetooth ear piece for my cell phone.


    Having a torn rotator cuff (wiith two pins as you can see in the x-ray above) is a bitch but it hasn’t slowed my work down, as anyone who’s sent me stuff to photograph or images to work on in the past month. That’s the reason for the sling in the picture.

    Connie Mettler also wrote about my receiving the award on Art Fair Insiders.

    The text of the award:
    “The partners of ZAPPlication take pride in recognizing Larry Berman. With this award, the partners of ZAPPlication recognize the important contributions of Larry Berman. Your insight and experience as an art exhibitor, a fine art photographer, and an artist resource have been invaluable to the creation and continued success of the ZAPPlication system. Thank you for your outstanding leadership, vision and commitment.”

    © Larry Berman