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  • December 10, 2012

    iPhone and iPad Recommended Programs

    Aside from the obvious programs like The Square for taking credit cards, the news and weather programs, the art creation or modification programs and the art show apps, there are a few programs that I’ve discovered to be real time savers, or do what they are intend to do better than the competition, saving you time and money.

    Camera Dialer – dials the number that you point the iPhone camera at. Needs to be a typed, not hand written number. Save a lot of time when you want to dial a phone number on a web page or printed piece of paper.

    GoodReader – PDF reader

    SlideShark – Runs Powerpoint presentations and does a great job of it.

    Portfolio – Image presentation program. This is the program I use to show artists examples of my jury slide photography or image improvements. I’ve tried many presentation programs and found this to be the best.

    ReDo – Program to create lists and lets you save them

    Dropbox – File transfer program with storage and syncing capabilities among various mobile devices and computers. One of the ways I use Dropbox is to upload a file, right click on it and get a direct URL that I can e-mail for the recipient to download it.

    iCabMobile – Browser with the best image handling capabilities. Bookmarks can be synced on various mobile devices through Dropbox.

    Big Button Camera (iPhone) – the entire screen is the shutter release button so you can concentrate on what’s happening in front of the camera instead of looking for the release button at the bottom of the screen.

    Timer+ – Convenient timing program, like when cooking.

    MailMe Voice – Starting the program gives you 10 seconds to say something which is then emailed to you as an audio file. Great for sending yourself short reminders, even when driving.

    iTalk – Voice recorder. Turns your iPhone or iPan into a voice recorder. Useful for doing interviews.

    Photomarkr – iPhone app that adds your copyright to images. Saves the original and adds the copyright to the dupe.

    All of these programs can be found in the iTunes store. And in all cases where there was a choice between a free and paid for version, I went with the paid for version to avoid advertising and have access to all the features.

    What are your favorite programs?

    – PDF reader

    © Larry Berman