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  • October 13, 2013

    Fixing JuryImages.com

    The best resource web site for artists (well, second best to BermanGraphics) is http://juryimages.com. It offers two things; free image processing for ZAPP or JAS and a way to visually test and compare your jury presentation.

    Because of the complexity of the different types of code used on the web site, everything broke last week when the hosting company moved it to a new server, requiring updated versions of all the various code formats.

    Four years ago I had hired a programmer in another country to build it but had no way to contact that person anymore. Craig’s List to the rescue. Saturday morning I had posted that I was looking for a programmer fluent in PHP and the person should put their phone number in the contact e-mail so I could call them to discuss what needed to be fixed.

    Within a half hour I received an e-mail from a programmer/web designer from South Carolina whom I sensed would be able to handle the issues. I let the emails from potential coders pile up until mid afternoon and then went through them. My favorite was still the first I had received. Most didn’t follow instructions because what I received were boiler plate responses telling me that they can build a web site for me, listing their experience but no phone number.

    I hired George Young and he was easy to work with. He worked on the different issues and by Sunday evening, a day and a half later, the http://juryimages.com web site was back working normally again.

    Small world because he’s heard of ZAPP and he had used the web site to format his own images for a gallery submission in the past. He’s also a painter when he’s not coding or building web sites.

    © Larry Berman