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    CHESWICK, PA 15024

  • July 13, 2013

    Camera Equipment for Sale


    From time to time I’m going to list camera equipment I’m selling or looking for. If you’re interested in anything I’m offering, please call me at 412-401-8100. Payment can be made through Paypal and my account is my e-mail address: larry@bermanart.com. I’ve always been careful with my camera equipment and everything is in mint condition. ¬†Pictures of items are available upon request.


    Ricoh GRD for sale – SOLD
    The original 8 megapixel GR Digital. Mint condition with only about 2800 exposures. Wonderful for black and white when set at ISO 1600 because it has minimal noise reduction so it looks like pushed Tri-X. Here’s an example image from my GRD gallery

    $315 includes domestic shipping

    Xena captured with the Ricoh GRD at ISO 1600

    Comes with the box, manual, battery and charger. Also includes an extra unopened battery. I get bored with point and shoot cameras and usually update them every year or so. This one I kept because of it’s unique ability to do great black and white but I don’t use it anymore.


    Sigma viewfinder VF-11 for sale – SOLD
    For a 28mm lens. 2:3 proportion mint condition viewfinder with box and instructions sheet. Perfect for the Ricoh GR or Nikon Coolpix A, which I’ve been using. $125 domestic shipping included. I originally purchased this for the Coolpix A but was able to pick up a mini 28/35 Voigtlander viewfinder.


    Looking for¬†an older Gitzo small tripod. The Gitzo series 0 G06 weekend compact. It’s a small four section tripod with a two section center column and collapses to 13 inches. If you have anything like it, please give me a call and I’ll give you all the specs.



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