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  • January 12, 2013

    64 and Counting

    Tomorrow (January 13th) is my 64th birthday. And I wouldn’t have written about it except that the picture we took was hilarious. I set up the lights, and set the camera on a tripod which I remotely triggered with a Pocket Wizard held below the cake in my right hand.

    Larry's 64th birthday picture - Xena eating the cake

    What we didn’t realize because we were looking at the camera, was that Xena had leaned over and was eating the frosting on the cake. See the close up picture below. On the left is Mary Lou Drag, a friend of the family. She comes over a few times a week to take the puppies for a walk.

    close up of Xena eating the birthday cake
    one more year til medicare - birthday cake

    © Larry Berman